Packing and Postal Rates - UK‚Äč

Our Packing and Postal rates (shown as Delivery on your invoice) are set to cover the following:

  • The cost of Administration Services. although we rely heavily on Volunteers to undertake the Picking and Packing in order to keep our overheads to a minimum.
  • The cost of packing materials. Where possible these are manufactured from recycled products
  • The cost of postage for the mix of items in your order (This has no VAT content on the postage itself)
  • The cost of bulk packing and delivery to a main sorting office. We regularly process over 150 packages per day.
  • Your invoice will show the VAT content applied to the delivery service element of our postal costs - not the postage itself.

Our delivery rates consist of a base cost of £2.00, plus an allowance for each individual item in your particular shopping basket.

Rates will be displayed as you add to your basket. You will be prompted to select the correct delivery method in your Shopping Cart  before proceeding to Checkout.

Do check  you have selected the correct method before proceeding  to Checkout,
failure to do so may result in your order being Failed
The charges for the above will be shown on your Shopping Cart and Invoice as:

Delivery :

For UK deliveries -

Please select  Standard UK  from the drop-down menu

For European and Worldwide deliveries -

Please select the appropriate rate for your region from the drop-down menu. Where indicated please request a quote before placing an order.

Special Deliveries -

Should you require an order to be sent by courier or some other form of Special Delivery then please call us on
01302 802077 for a quotation.

Please Note:
Where a product line specifically indicates free delivery, i.e. to the Season Donations Pages, Event E-Tickets and Online Gift Vouchers  then please select appropriate Delivery Method - Thank you