The Finningley Collection

A range of quality Merchandise and Giftware honouring the link between XH558 and her home at Robin Hood Airport Doncaster, Sheffield - previously RAF Finningley.

When you come to visit Vulcan XH558 in her original Cold War hangar, you are stepping back into the history of RAF Finningley. Today, the majority of the site has been transformed into a modern international airport, but from 1915 to 1996 it was an operational station of significant importance to our nation’s defences.
XH558 operated on this site between 1961 and early 1968. 

When she landed for the final time on the long, ex-military runway, former RAF Finningley became her final operational base too, at the focus of the many exciting developments that will follow. That’s why we chose to call this collection of high-quality jewellery, fine bone china and accessories,
'The Finningley Collection', in honour of the men and women who served at the RAF station that is XH558’s home.