Black Buck Coin Set
Black Buck Coin Set Black Buck Coin Set Black Buck Coin Set Black Buck Coin Set

Black Buck Coin Set

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Brand: XH558
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Black Buck Coin Set

This is your chance to own a stunning collectable coin set commemorating the Black Buck Missions.

Operation Black Buck was a series of seven ambitious long distance bombing missions conducted by the Royal Air Force during the Falklands War in 1982.

The set comprises of two 2″ diameter coins, each are 4mm thick and presented in a fitted presentation box with printed lid.

One coin is based on the Vulcan and the other on the Victor. Both aircraft types that were involved in the ambitious long-distance Black Buck bombing missions.
The Victor and Vulcan are depicted in plan view on the obverse of each coin with miniature text relating to the missions around them.

On the reverse of the Vulcan coin is an RAF roundel with the Vulcan surrounded by Victors, acknowledging the work done by the multiple Victor crews to refuel each other and the Vulcan.​​​​

The reverse of the Victor coin has the Falkland Islands in raised metal with the target of the missions, Port Stanley Airfield, marked in red.
Each Black Buck Coin Set comes with an 'Operation Black Buck' card describing the missions.

Operation Black Buck

The Vulcans and supporting Victor tankers were based on Ascension Island in the mid-Atlantic where the missions would commence. After taking off from Ascension and making a journey of over 4,000 miles across open water, the Vulcan would then move on to the target. In order for the Vulcan to reach the Falklands, a fleet of Victor tankers had to transfer fuel to the Vulcan and each other in a complex refuelling relay before each turned in sequence for home.

At the time at nearly 8,000 miles and a flight time of fifteen and three-quarter hours, it was the longest bombing mission ever completed, only exceeded later by the Americans during the first Gulf War.