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English Electric Canberra WK163 is one of Britain’s most important jet-age aircraft. She spent most of her life playing a central role in the development of advanced propulsion technologies, followed by a period with the Royal Radar Establishment, at the heart of British scientific and engineering innovation.

In 1957, she shot into the headlines around the world when a prototype Napier Double Scorpion rocket motor fired her to 70,310ft and a new world altitude record.

“This one aircraft embodies so much that is remarkable about British courage and innovation in the Jet Age; qualities that she can continue to inspire in us all,” states chief executive of Vulcan to the Sky Trust, Dr. Robert Pleming.“The Trust has purchased this important aircraft and plans to restore and fly her for the British public, as we did with Vulcan XH558, with an education programme around her to inspire new generations of engineers and aviators.”

Everyone supporting Phase 1 at the Bronze, Silver or Gold levels will receive a specially-commissioned ‘I am helping to return a British record breaker to the skies’ car sticker as well as a high quality A3 print of WK163 in flight, displaying the new Canberra to the Sky roundel.

Those supporting at Silver level will also receive a fabulous, hand-drawn A3 Canberra cutaway. With 116 components identified, this historic document will give you a unique view to help you follow every stage of the restoration. To bring the story to life, you will also receive a personal copy of a specially-commissioned booklet tracing the amazing story of WK163. Using many previously unpublished images from historic archives, it will tell the story of the engineers, the pilots and the fascinating life of what will, with your help, become the only record-breaking British jet still flying.

Your Invitation to a very special VIP Event  

Those supporting Phase 1 at the Gold level will also receive an invitation to a very special VIP event at Hangar 3. Hosted by Vulcan to the Sky Trust chief executive Dr. Robert Pleming and engineering director Andrew Edmondson, both key figures in the return-to-flight of Vulcan XH558, you will hear exclusive insight from team leaders.

See where the Double Scorpion rocket motors were mounted; discover the unique photographic window, a legacy of her days at the cutting-edge of Jet-Age research, ask questions about her condition and restoration, with dinner and time for pictures and conversation with our senior team and former Canberra flight crew.
Alternatively, you can help to support individual areas of Phase 1: the acquisition of the vital stock of spares, including six engines, and the inspection and analysis that will guide the restoration.
Everyone supporting Phase 1, at every level, will also receive the first in a series of specially-designed collectors’ certificates to commemorate your vital contribution to returning a record-breaking aircraft to British air shows.

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Funds raised by these shares will be restricted exclusively to restoring Canberra WK163 to flight. Your support of any share does not imply ownership or interest in any aircraft, building, physical item or part thereof, nor in any voting or other rights over the Vulcan to the Sky Trust. Your support is on the basis that you are ‘sharing’ the costs of the restoration of Canberra WK163.  If there is any surplus, it will be used to help fund other Vulcan to the Sky Trust heritage aviation activities

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