Welcome to Your Exclusive Founding Guardians' Area

An invitation to become a Vulcan to the Sky Trust Founding Guardian is a rare privilege extended only to those who have already made a significant contribution to Vulcan XH558 through their membership of the Vulcan to the Sky Club. Founding Guardians play an important role in safeguarding XH558 and helping to make exciting new projects possible.

Within this area you can book fascinating events, of which you will receive priority notice, and access a range of merchandise items that are unique to Founding Guardians.

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Names under XH558`s Wing - Diamond Anniversary of XH558`s First Test Flight
Complete the form below. Your spelling of your chosen name is important as it is what will show under the wing and on your certificate. Please double-check that before adding to cart.
Vulcan XH558 Engine Ground-Run Experience - 14th September 2019 - PM session
Saturday 14th September - 1pm at Ramada Hotel.
Vulcan XH558 Engine Ground-Run Experience - 5th October 2019 - PM session
Saturday 5th October - 1pm at Ramada Hotel.