History & Intrigue Is All Around Us - Part One

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History & Intrigue Is All Around Us - Part One
Discover the mystery in the streets …

From the author of The Vulcan B.Mk2 - from a Different Angle - 2nd Edition, Craig Bulman's History & Intrigue is all around us is an incredible story of discovery within the Hemlington housing estate located on the southern extremity of Middlesbrough, Cleveland, in the North East of England. During 2016 a local Postman, Craig Bulman, began to recognise and interpret characteristic styles and methods that had been utilised for the designing, planning and construction of the estate during the late 1960s to mid 1970s with regards to the naming of streets and the ‘positions of houses and roads’ through a series of identifiable ‘cryptic’ clues. This publication therefore takes you through the numerous identifiable features, which exists to this day within the Parkland Development of Hemlington. They lead you on a geographical journey of investigation and discovery with regards to history, both locally and nationally, including the era of the Industrial Revolution.

Unbeknown to local residents, houses have been intentionally positioned to face specific directions and at times collectively shaped or constructed to point at locations both nationally and locally. By recognising, deciphering and then following the trail of ‘cryptic’ clues similar to a detective, numerous hidden features are discovered within the local landscape across the whole of Hemlington, which quite simply have never been realised by anyone throughout the past forty-five years. Presented here within Part One of History & Intrigue is all around us, the Author investigates and covers off the letter A’s, B’s, C’s, O’s, P’s together with the Southdean section of housing.

  • Format: Softback 240mm x 160mm.
  • Product Pages: 180 with over 400 pictures.​​​​​​​