LIMITED EDITION Vulcan XH558 Anodised Aluminium Wall Art - The Art of Camouflage

Manufactured in the UK
Product Code: TCE035/4
Brand: XH558
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with deliveries being despatched week commencing 19 April 2021

LIMITED EDITION Vulcan XH558 Anodised Aluminium Wall Art
'The Art of Camouflage' by Eric Coeckelberghs
Manufactured in the UK


This Limited Edition artwork is limited to only 50 pieces


​​​​This is the fourth in a series of Anodised Aluminium Wall Art prints, featuring an image of XH558 above the trees taken by aviation photographer Eric Coekelberghs.

More new artworks will be released during the year, one each month with a total of 12 in the series.

Each Vulcan XH558 Anodised Aluminium Wall Art is manufactured in the UK using a special four colour process for photographic quality images, giving a more vibrant and more metallic effect surface. The stunning piece will enhance any wall of any home.

  • Frameless and with minimal protrusion from the wall, the artwork measures 600mm x 450mm x 1.0mm.
  • The grade of aluminium is similar to that used on XH558 during the restoration project in 2007.
  • Each piece has been anodised to protect it against corrosion, enhance the aesthetic qualities, resist scratching and provide one of the most durable surface finishes available.
  • Each piece is individually numbered on a triangular identification plate fixed on the rear of the artwork.

Easy to hang with the provided with 3M Command Hanging strips, which enable damage-free hanging of your picture and easy removal in the future.

Technical Details

These wall art prints use a grade of aluminium, J57, which is a guaranteed anodising quality grade specifically engineered so that the finish across each sheet or coil is uniform. Anodising is accomplished by immersing the aluminium into an acid electrolyte solution and passing a current through the aluminium. The process used was DEF-STAN 03-25 / Sulphuric Acid Anodising (SAA) with a special four colour process printing for photographic quality images giving a more vibrant and more metallic effect surface. Producing excellent resistance to UV, solvents and abrasion.