The Battle of Britain Collection

Product Code: OX72SET01
Brand: XH558
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 The Battle of Britain Collection

To commemorate the Battle of Britain, the turning point of WWII, the set comprises three diecast iconic RAF aircraft from the conflict, in 1:72 scale; the Spitfire, Hurricane and Gloster Gladiator.

Each diecast aircraft is mounted on a plinth that details its identity. The set is displayed in a box, with art featuring the three aircraft in an atmospheric airborne mode. The inner lid gives information on the pilots and also the squadron markings.
  • The iconic Spitfire MKI, whose designer R J Mitchell did not live long enough to see the tremendous impact his aircraft would have.
    • Shown in RAF camouflage colours with identity markings PR-Q R6690 (reversed on the other side). A stag emblem is printed in white under the cockpit window.
    • The lettering on the plinth reads Supermarine Spitfire MKI. Flying Officer John Dundas. 609 Squadron, Middle Wallop, 1940.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • The Hurricane MKI– the unsung hero, that is usually overshadowed by the Spitfire but played an unrivalled role in the skies of 1940.
    • Decorated in the dark green/dark earth and duck egg green camouflage colour scheme of the RAF, with the duck egg green applied to the underbelly of the aircraft. The detail below the cockpit window features the pilot's personal cartoon character with one Swastika, indicating his victory tally to date.
    • The lettering on the plinth reads Hawker Hurricane MKI. Flight Lieutenant I R Gleed. 87 Squadron, Exeter 1940.​​​​​​​
  • The Gloster Gladiator MKII, the last of the bi-planes that served in the early years of WWII and played its part before being replaced by the advent of the monoplane.
    • The bi-plane in use by the RAF at the beginning of the war, displayed in RAF camouflage colours with identity markings HP-B N2308 (reversed on the other side).
    • The lettering on the plinth reads Gloster Gladiator MKII. Flight Lieutenant A E Makins. 247 Squadron, Roborough 1940.

CLICK HERE​​​​​​​ to watch a short YouTube video with close up detail of the three aircraft.