The RAF Story

The definitive film history of the RAF
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The RAF Story
The definitive film history of the RAF

The Royal Air Force has fought with honour in two World Wars and played important roles in numerous other conflicts including the Falklands and the 1991 Gulf War.

Over that time aircraft have evolved from slow, flimsy biplanes to sleek and deadly Mach 2 jet fighters, and the RAF has constantly adapted to take advantage of the latest air combat technologies. But while the aircraft and systems may have changed, the standards and professionalism, heroism and dedication displayed by RAF pilots and crew have remained of the very highest order.

The RAF Story is the definitive film history of the Royal Air Force, from the very earliest days of the Royal Flying Corps right through to recent conflicts.

This DVD features film of every significant event in the RAF's long and distinguished history, from the First World War to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Also included is action-packed footage of over one hundred different aircraft types flown by the RAF, from the WWI era Sopwith Camel to the latest Eurofighter Typhoon.

Running Time: 177 minutes