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This is a donation towards the Vulcan to the Sky Trust Transformation Appeal, that will directly support Vulcan XH558.

Your kind support will be recognised with a Transformation Appeal certificate, while donations of £50 and £100 receive an increasing range of rewards as detailed below, with badges and a choice of superb images of XH558.
Support at £500 or more entitles you to two places at a GALA EVENT to be held in the new hangar.

Do ensure you specify the name required on each Transformation Appeal certificate accurately.
Please note the web store software will add on £2 to cover admin and postage charges in sending on your rewards. *If you are declinng rewards - select the Gift Vouchers & Donations option at checkout and this charge will be waived. Thank you for your donation!

If you are a UK taxpayer then, at no cost to you, we can reclaim 25% of all your donations.
Thus every donation of say £10 you give to XH558 can become £12.50
By clicking Yes in the drop-down box above you allow us to claim.
If you are ineligble please click No, sorry in the drop-down box. For further details see our Quick Reference Guide.

Thank you for supporting XH558.