Twin Pack - 607 (SB) & Contact! (HB)

Twin Pack - saving 10% on original price
Product Code: BKS069
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This twin pack, of the Vulcan 607 book by Rowland White and Contact! by Bob Tuxford is now available with a saving of 10% on the usual combined retail price.

Vulcan 607 tells "the epic story of the most remarkable British air attack since the Second World War" detailing the role of XM607 and our very own pilot, Martin Withers, who Captained XM607 during the raids. These raids were better known by their operational name of ‘Black Buck’.

Contact! by Bob Tuxford, who played a vital role in piloting the Victor tanker XL189 which refueled Martin's Vulcan, is the story of a Victor Tanker captain's experiences in the RAF before, during and after the Falklands Conflict.