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Based near Rossendale, Lancashire - OL13 0NA  - 20 miles north of Manchester.

Join us as the Commander of an AVRO Vulcan B2 simulator where along with your experienced co-pilot you can undertake a variety of exciting missions and learn to fly one of Britain’s last cold war nuclear bombers.

First delivered to the Royal Air force in 1956 the improved B2 version started operating in 1960 and featured a redesigned wing, more powerful Olympus engines and a new electrical system. Capable of Mach 0.93 and altitudes of up to 56,000 feet the Vulcan carried a crew of five and was an extremely versatile aircraft. From a high level bombing role the Vulcan then changed tactics to low level operations under the radar to avoid Soviet detection. Eventually, Britain’s nuclear deterrent was passed on to the Royal Navy and the Vulcans were converted into airborne refuellers.

Just 3 months from retirement in 1982 they were pressed into service to bomb the runway at Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands and operation ‘Black Buck’ became famous as the longest bombing run in history at almost 6800 Nautical miles and 16 hours of flight. With high altitude flights, Low level operations, formation flying and air to air refuelling scenarios we hope to give you a taste of what it was like to be the pilot of one of these formidable aircraft.

Mission options
  • Low level flying through mountain valleys such as the Scottish Highlands, the Lake District and the Alps
  • Air to Air refuelling challenge
  • Formation flying with Vulcans, Victors or the Red Arrows
  • Try your hand at landing the iconic Vulcan at your favourite airport
  • High level bombing run at 50,000 feet plus much more.
The Vulcan Flight Simulator Experience is available in four time-slots; 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or two hours and you can gladly swap pilots on sorties of 60 minutes or more if you wish, meaning you can not only share the costs, but let a close relative or friend enjoy the action too.

See Bill Ramsey, Vulcan XH558 pilot, fly over London and in formation with three other AVRO Vulcan's and perform a display 
Watch the video here.

Your experience begins with a Gift Voucher letter and A5 card that can be presented in the name desired and we give you all the contact details needed to arrange a mutually convenient time-slot with Flightdeck Experience to ‘fly’ the aircraft. Once you have your voucher, you or the recipient has 12 months in which to arrange the ‘flight’ so it really is an ideal gift.

The letter and A5 card are physically sent to you, so postage rate at Standard UK (2nd Class Royal Mail) is applied to your order. For more detail on our delivery costs please click here.

A donation from Virtual Aerospace, the Flightdeck Experience operators, is made in support of XH558 from every flight experience booked through this listing. 

Virtual Aerospace Contact Details
Address: VA North (Nr Manchester) - Unit P, Toll Bar Business Park, Newchurch Road, Stacksteads, Lancashire OL13 0NA
Phone: 01604 211336       Email: