Vulcans, Victors & Cuba

Product Code: MED045
Brand: XH558
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Vulcans, Victors & Cuba

In October 1962, the world stood at the brink of all-out nuclear war. As the Soviet Union prepared to deploy atomic weapons in Cuba, America enforced a blockade of the island and conflict seemed inevitable.

Had a conflict broken out between the two superpowers, Britain would have been at war too, its fleet of nuclear bombers streaming towards the Soviet Union just as Russian aircraft and missiles devastated targets throughout the UK.

Vulcans, Victors and Cuba is the story of how Britain would have gone to war in 1962, told for the very first time.

Using superb archive film of Britain's nuclear bombers and airfields, it charts the history of Britain's nuclear weapons programme and the RAF "V Force" of Victor, Vulcan and Valiant bombers from their test flights to deployment.

This DVD also recreates a strike by Victors and Vulcans against targets deep inside the Soviet Union, while looking at how British Government would have taken control from inside the top secret "Turnstyle" nuclear war command centre tunnelled out deep under Wiltshire. An ex-V-Force Captain provides a unique insight into what it would have been like to fly on that devastating mission, knowing that the arsenal being unleashed by the rival bomber fleets would have been more than enough to wipe out all life on earth.

Running Time: 86 minutes
Special Features:
  • Original Civil Defence Administration Film "Let's Face It" (14 mins)
  • Rare mute camera rushes sequence of Spectre Rocket - Assisted Victor bomber take off (2 mins)